declining sales clothing shops have negative effect on retail turnover

  • Turnover down in non-food sector, clothing shops face considerable turnover losses
  • Food, drinks and tobacco shops perform well

According to Statistics Netherlands, September was a moderate month for the retail trade sector. Despite the favourable shopping-day pattern, turnover results were 0.4 percent below the level of September 2013. Prices fell marginally; retail volume was the same as one year previously. The non-food sector showed decline, predominantly due to the poor results achieved by clothing shops. Food, drinks and tobacco shops, on the other hand, generated higher turnovers. In August, the reverse situation applied.

Slumping sales clothing shops, but some non-food branches perform relatively well

After marginal growth in August, turnover realised by non-food shops in September was nearly 4 percent down from September last year, mainly due to lower sales. After positive results in August, clothing shops and textile supermarkets faced dramatic loss of turnover in September, a month dominated by relatively mild, dry and sunny weather conditions. Household appliances shops also recorded lower turnover figures. In the other non-food branches, turnover increased marginally. For home furnishing shops, the third quarter of 2014 was the first quarter since the end of 2008 to show better year-on-year results.

Food, drinks and tobacco shops boast 4 percent turnover growth

Food, drinks and tobacco shops saw turnover grow by 4 percent relative to September 2013. Dutch consumers spent more in supermarkets and specialist shops, whereas in August turnover in these types of shops was still in decline. Sales were up in September, whereas volume shrank in August.  If the difference in the shopping-day pattern is taken into account, September and August both showed marginal turnover growth.