Sustained growth retail sector in May

© Hollandse Hoogte
  • Food, drinks and tobacco shops performed well, although Whitsun was in June
  • Turnover growth consumer electronics shops slows down

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) announced today that retail sales were 0.9 percent up in May from one year previously. The upward trend in the retail sector, which began in January 2014, continues. Just as in the past period, retail prices fell marginally, but higher sales volumes compensated for lower prices.

Higher turnover for food, drinks and tobacco shops

Turnover generated by food, drinks and tobacco retailers was nearly 2 percent up in May from one year previously, even though this year consumers did their Whitsun shopping in June and last year in May. For the first time since June 2010, prices of food, drinks and tobacco products were on average below the level of one year previously.

Turnover growth consumer electronics shops significantly down in May

For the fifth consecutive month, the non-food sector performed better than in the same month in the previous year. In many non-food branches, turnover growth was approximately the same as in April. Consumer electronics shops, on the other hand, underperformed relative to April, when turnover still rose substantially, partly because of the good results achieved by computer shops. Turnover growth generated by DIY shops also slowed down compared to the preceding months. DIY sales started earlier this year, partly on account of the relatively mild weather in spring. Home furnishing shops still perform poorly. In May too, consumer spending in home furnishing shops was below the level of the same month last year.