Private sector investments further up

The volume of private sector investments in tangible fixed assets was 5.8 percent up in April 2014 from April 2013. According to Statistics Netherlands, investments continue to grow. The growth rates have been up from twelve months previously for more than six months now. The increase over the past months is mainly due to higher investments in the construction sector and in computers and machinery. 

Figures have not been adjusted for the effects of the number of working days. April 2014 had one working day more than April 2013.

Private sector investments in tangible fixed assets (volume)

Private sector investments in tangible fixed assets (volume)

Growing confidence, more output

The increase in investments tallies with various positive developments in the private sector. According to the Business Sentiment Survey, the Dutch private sector was positive about the economic climate in general at the beginning of the second quarter. This was for the first time in three years. They were also less negative about their investment plans for 2014.

Recently, Statistics Netherlands announced that manufacturing output in April was again up from twelve months previously. Output levels have continuously been higher than twelve months previously since October 2013. The capacity utilisation rate has also risen over the last twelve months. Since December 2013, output generated by the construction sector has been above the level of the same month one year previously. 

Circumstances for Dutch private sector investments improved marginally

On the basis of six indicators, the Investment Radar shows whether circumstances for Dutch private sector investments have improved or deteriorated. According to June’s Investment Radar, the investment climate in the Netherlands has improved marginally, due to more export growth and the fact that manufacturers were less negative about their order positions.

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