Retail trade on the way up

  • Turnover non-food sector growing for fourth consecutive month
  • Easter shopping boosts turnover supermarkets

Statistics Netherlands announced today that retail turnover was 3.4 percent up in April 2014 from the same month last year. For Dutch retailers, this is the largest turnover growth since November 2010. Though cautiously, the recovery recorded in the first quarter appears to continue in the second quarter. Consumers’ willingness to buy improved. They spent more on food, drinks and tobacco products than last year. Turnover generated by the non-food sector grew marginally.

Consumer electronics shops doing well, home furnishing shops still underperforming

For the fourth month in a row, the non-food sector realised turnover growth relative to the same month in 2013. Such a long period of consistent turnover growth is more than six years ago, although growth over the past months was marginal. Nearly all branches within the non-food sector performed better in April. Consumer electronics shops achieved good results, but home furnishing shops underperformed. Home furnishing shops have seen their turnover fall over the past thirty months. Apparently, the recent recovery on the housing market does not have a positive effect on the home furnishing branch.

Easter boosts supermarkets and specialist shops

Turnover generated by supermarkets and food, drinks and tobacco shops grew considerably in April compared last year, whereas in March these branches still suffered turnover losses. In 2014, consumers did most of their shopping for the Easter weekend in April and in 2013 in the last week of March.

More than 13 percent turnover growth for online shops and mail-order firms

Mail-order firms and online shops boasted a turnover growth by more than 13 percent relative to April 2013. The growth rate was above the level recorded in the first quarter of 2014 and is partly due to the fact that internet retailers are continually seeking to expand their assortment.