Traffic death toll substantially down in 2013

  • 570 road traffic deaths in 2013; 80 down form 2012
  • Substantial reduction among motorcyclists
  • Also fewer deaths among car drivers/passengers , cyclists and pedestrians 
  • More fatal accidents among  moped and mobility scooter drivers

Today, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment have released figures on traffic mortality. Last year, 570 people died in traffic accidents in the Netherlands, a reduction by 80 (more than 12 percent) relative to 2012. The decline was much steeper than the average of 8 percent across other European countries. The number of fatal accidents was reduced notably among motorcyclists, but also declined among car drivers/passengers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Reduction among motorcyclists, car passengers, cyclists and pedestrians
In 2013, 29 motorcyclists died on Dutch roads, versus 56 in 2012. The reduction was most noticeable among 30 to 60-year-old motorcyclists.
The number of fatalities among car drivers or passengers was reduced by 39 to 193. Nearly half of them died in collisions with other motor vehicles.
The death toll among cyclists was reduced by 8 percent, from 200 in 2012 to 184 in 2013. The reduction was quite substantial among young children under the age of 15. Last year, 5 young cyclists died in traffic accidents, as against 13 in 2012. The number of pedestrian deaths was reduced from 68 to 56.

Increase among mobility scooter and moped drivers

The number of fatal road accidents among mobility scooter drivers increased from 23 in 2012 to 32 in 2013. The number of road fatalities among moped and moped scooter drivers also increased, from 44 to 48.

Downward trend in North Brabant

The downward trend in traffic mortality in the province of North Brabant continues and stood at 81 in 2013, a reduction by 24 relative to the preceding year. In the western part of the Netherlands, 177 people were killed in traffic accidents, i.e. a reduction by 18 percent. For the first time, the province of Gelderland recorded the highest traffic death toll in 2013. North Brabant topped the list in 2012. North Brabant and Gelderland have the most extensive road networks of all Dutch provinces.