Substantial growth social security recipients

  • Increase by 33 thousand in 2013
  • 413 thousand social security recipients at the end of December
  • Relatively large increase among 27 to 45-year-olds

At the end of December last year, 413 thousand persons received social security benefits, i.e. 10 thousand more than in the third quarter. Over the entire year 2013, the number of social security recipients not yet eligible for old age pension (AOW) grew by 33 thousand, as the most recent figures published by Statistics Netherlands show.

The  increase in 2013 was the largest since 2009 and considerably above the levels recorded in 2011 and 2012. The number of persons receiving social security rose by 11 and 13 thousand respectively in 2011 and 2012. This trend reflects the poor situation on the labour market. Many jobs were lost in 2013 and the number of unemployment benefits rose dramatically.

The number of social security recipients grew across all age categories in 2013. With 11 percent, the largest relative increase was registered among 27 to 45-year-olds. Among younger social security recipients under the age of 27, the increase was 7.5 percent and among over-45s nearly 7 percent.