Retail turnover down

  • Non-food sector in decline
  • Higher turnover for supermarkets

Figures released by Statistics Netherlands show that retail turnover in October 2013 was 1.5 percent below the level of the same month last year. Retail prices were almost at the same level as one year previously. Retail volume shrank by 1.6 percent

October’s shopping-day pattern was more favourable than last year. The positive effect thereof on the total retail sector is estimated at 1 percent. For a more reliable picture of turnover and volume developments, the three-month moving average is also taken into account. In October, the three-month volume average was about 4 percent below the level recorded in the same month last year for the fifth month in a row. The three-month turnover average fell more rapidly than in the preceding months.

Turnover generated by the non-food sector was more than 3 percent lower than last year, retail prices were just below last year’s level. This is partly due to the fact that effect of the higher VAT rate introduced on 1 October 2012 has worn off. Again, turnover declined almost across the entire non-food sector, but in various branches, e.g. home furnishing shops and consumer electronics shops, the decline was far less substantial than in the preceding month. Just as in September, turnover realised by textile supermarkets improved relative to last year.

Food, drinks and tobacco shops achieved a nearly 2 percent higher turnover. Prices were 2 percent higher, but volume was marginally below last year’s level. Supermarkets performed well, showing turnover and volume growth. Specialist shops showed a reverse pattern.

Mail-order and online shops posted good results with turnover more than 9 percent up from October 2012.