Reintegration schemes

Municipalities are responsible for the reintegration of people claiming income support. People not claiming a benefit and people claiming a survivor’s benefit may also apply to the municipality for help with reintegration. The aim of reintegration is to place a claimant in paid employment. If this is not possible, or not immediately possible, the aim is to increase the claimant’s chances on the labour market.

If a person in a reintegration programme earns enough to support himself (for example with a subsidised job), the income support benefit is discontinued. Not everyone claiming income support goes into a reintegration programme; some people are exempt from the obligation of work reintegration.

Most work reintegration programmes are for income support claimants. Municipalities provide information about reintegration programmes to Statistics Netherlands every six months. The reintegration statistics include only municipal reintegration programmes, Reintegration of people claiming unemployment benefit or disability benefit is the responsibility of the organisation overseeing the implementation of Dutch social security UWV.

In this article participants in a reintegration scheme do not include people who are employed with a wage subsidy.