Retail turnover further down

  • Retail turnover decline second quarter less substantial than in the first quarter
  • Retail turnover in June nearly 4 percent down

According to the latest figures released by Statistics Netherlands, turnover generated by the retail sector in the second quarter of 2013 was approximately 1.5 percent down from the same period last year. Retail prices were more than 2 percent higher, retail volume shrank by nearly 4 percent. Turnover and volume figures were less dramatic than in the preceding quarter. The first quarter had one shopping day less than the first quarter of 2012. The second quarter had the same amount of shopping days as the second quarter last year.

Turnover in the non-food sector declined for the ninth consecutive quarter, but it was the smallest decline in twelve months. Clothes shops and textile supermarkets performed better than in the poor and relatively cold first quarter. The second quarter was less positive for consumer electronics shops as these retailers faced the most dramatic loss in the past four years.

Turnover realised by food, drink and tobacco shops rose by 1.6 percent in the second quarter, but the growth was less substantial than in the first quarter. This year, Easter purchases were mostly done in March while last year they were done in April.

Turnover generated by mail-order firms and online shops grew by 11 percent in the second quarter.

In June 2013, retail turnover was 3.7 percent down from one year previously. Retail volume shrank 6.2 percent. The decline is largely due to the difference in the composition of shopping days. The negative effect on retail turnover is estimated at more than 3 percent.