Croatia small trading partner

26/06/2013 15:00

The trade in goods with Croatia is limited. On 1 July 2013, Croatia will be the 28th country to join the European Union (EU).

Small share

Last year, the value of imports from Croatia was 114 million euros, i.e. 0.03 percent of total imports. The Netherlands exported 436 million euros worth of goods to Croatia, i.e. 0.1 percent of total exports. Malta is the only EU member state with a smaller share.

Trade with Croatia

Trade with Croatia

Quarter of imports are medicines

The value of goods imported from Croatia has risen by 22 percent last year relative to 2011. With a share of 25 percent, medicines top the list, followed by motor fuel with a share of 15 percent. Croatia also exports machinery (mainly transformer parts) and wooden pieces of furniture.

Machinery and chemical products main Dutch export products

The value of Dutch exports to Croatia was 2 percent lower in the 2011 than in 2012. Nearly half of exports consist of machinery and chemical products. Exports of machinery and chemical products improved by 2 and 7 percent respectively compared to 2011. Machinery exports from the Netherlands to Croatia mainly consist of telephones, computers, printers and component parts.

Exports of goods to Croatia, 2012*

Exports of goods to Croatia, 2012*

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