Perceptions survey – beginning of 2012

The data in this article are taken from the Perceptions survey conducted at the beginning of 2012. The survey asked respondents from the Dutch population aged 18 and older for their opinions on a number of topical issues, such as pension funds, the housing market and responsibilities of government and citizens. More than 3.6 thousand persons were interviewed. The response rate was 62 percent.

The questions used for this article were:

The following question was put only to employees who build up their pension via their employer.
“How much confidence do you have in your pension fund or pension insurance company?”

  1. A lot of confidence
  2. A fair amount of confidence
  3. Not much confidence
  4. No confidence at all

“How concerned are you that your income at an older age will not be sufficient?”

  1. Very concerned
  2. Fairly concerned
  3. A little concerned
  4. Not concerned