Average price per gigajoule of natural gas

The price consists of two components: supply price and network price.

The supply price for natural gas consists of a standing charge, energy tax, a delivery charge, national transport charge, regional surcharge and VAT.

The charge for national transport comprises costs charged by the national network operator Gas Transport Services (GTS). The amount of the regional surcharge depends on the distance between the gas reception station and the main gas production plant in the Netherlands (Slochteren in the north of the country). The larger the distance, the higher the regional surcharge.

The network price is paid for use and maintenance of and connection to the natural gas distribution network, plus metering charge.

The network price consists of a standing charge, regional transport charge, metering charge and VAT. The regional transport charge comprises costs of transport from the gas reception station the end user. The metering charge comprises the installation, operation and maintenance of gas and heat meters, including readings. 

Natural gas consumption is taxed across a number of brackets. Households pay more energy tax per unit than business users.

The prices charged are inclusive of VAT. Business users can claim back VAT they have paid.