Physical limitations affecting the ability to perform general daily activities

The ADL indicator (General Daily Activities) is based upon the following 10 questions:
Are you able to…

  1. Eat and drink?
  2. Sit down in and get up from a chair?
  3. Get in and out of bed?
  4. Get dressed and undressed?
  5. Move to another room on the same floor?
  6. Walk up and down the stairs?
  7. Leave and enter the house?
  8. Move outdoors?
  9. Wash your face and hands?
  10. Wash yourself completely?

The 4 response categories to these questions are: no problem; some difficulty; great difficulty; only with the help of others. A respondent has a physical limitation, if they answer ‘with great difficulty’ or ‘only with the help of others’ to at least one of the 10 questions. Only persons aged 55 or older are surveyed.