Manufacturing turnover marginally higher

Dutch manufacturers realised a turnover growth of 1 percent in April 2012 relative to April 2011. In February and March, turnover also grew by 1 percent. April’s growth was achieved on the foreign markets, where sales improved by nearly 3 percent. Sales on the domestic market, on the other hand, were nearly 2 percent down from twelve months previously.

Manufacturers charged nearly 3 percent more for their products than one year previously. The working-day and holiday pattern was less favourable in April 2012 than in April 2011.The negative effect of this on sales is estimated at nearly 3 percent.

The sector petroleum, chemical, rubber and plastic products achieved more than 8 percent turnover growth. This was largely attributable to higher prices. Sales in the sectors food, drinks and tobacco and basic metal and metal products were obviously below the level of twelve months previously.

Manufacturing turnover

Manufacturing turnover

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