Selling prices of manufactured products nearly 3 percent up

30/05/2012 15:00

Selling prices in Dutch manufacturing industry were 2.6 percent higher in April than twelve months previously. Selling prices increased by 3.9 percent in March. Over the past six months, the increase in manufacturing prices has slowed down.

In nearly all branches, manufacturers charged higher prices for their products than in April 2011. Prices of petroleum derivatives rose most notably, just as in the preceding months. In this sector, prices were more than 9 percent up from one year previously, but the increase was below the level of the preceding months. Prices of basic metal products dropped by more than 3 percent relative to April 2011.

Selling prices in manufacturing industry were 0.1 percent higher in April than in March. In the preceding months, prices have risen from one month to the next. Crude oil price developments largely account for this. The price of a barrel of North Sea Brent oil averaged 92 euro in April versus 94 euro in March, the highest price level recorded in decades.

Factory gate prices

Factory gate prices

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