Manufacturing turnover slightly higher

Dutch manufacturers realised a turnover growth of nearly 1 percent in March 2012 compared to March 2011. This growth was slightly lower than in February, when manufacturing turnover was just  over 1 percent up on one year previously.

The working-day and holiday pattern was less favourable in March 2012 than twelve months previously. The negative effect of this on sales is estimated at just over 2 percent. On the other hand, Shrovetide was celebrated in March in 2011, whereas in 2012 it had already been celebrated in February. This may have had a downward effect on turnover growth in February and an upward effect in March. Prices of manufactured products were nearly 4 percent higher than one year previously.

March’s turnover growth was generated exclusively on the foreign market; sales abroad were 1.6 percent up on one year previously, whereas turnover on the domestic market was almost the same as in March 2011.

The sector petroleum, chemical, rubber and plastic products recorded a considerable turnover growth (nearly 9 percent), although this was largely attributable to higher prices. On the other hand, sales in the sectors transport equipment and electrical engineering and machinery dropped sharply.

Manufacturing turnover

Manufacturing turnover