Unemployment, income support or disability

This article does not include all types of social security benefits. The article exclusively deals with income support, disability and unemployment benefits.

Disability benefits (AO)
Disability benefits are paid under the Occupational Disability Act (WAO), the Income Provision Act for Disabled Young People (Wajong), the Act on Work and Labour Support for Disabled Young People (Wajong Act), the Disability Insurance Act for Self-employed (WAZ) and the Act on Employment and Income according to Labour Capacity (WIA).

Unemployment benefits (WW)
The Unemployment Act (WW) provides an insurance against the financial consequences of unemployment. The act provides a benefit, based on the most recent income level. The duration of the benefit depends on a person’s employment record. The Institute for Implementation of Employees’ Insurances (UWV) decides on a person’s eligibility for a WW benefit.

Income support benefits
Benefits under the General Social Security Act (ABW), the Act on Work and Income Support (WWB) or the Act Investing in Young People (WIJ). Income support benefits also include benefits under the Act on Income Provisions for Older Unemployed and Partially Disabled Employees (IOAW), the Act on Income Provisions for Older Former Self-employed and Partially Disabled Former Self-employed (IOAZ) and the Act on Income Provisions for Artists (WIK), which was replaced by the Act on Work and Income Artists (WWIK) on 1 January 2004. These schemes guarantee that people eligible for income support receive an income at the social minimum level.