Providers of business services more optimistic about future turnover

In October, business services providers anticipating turnover growth during the next three months outnumbered those anticipating a downturn. With + 29, the index was higher than in September (+ 19).

Providers of business services were more pessimistic about future employment in their sector than in the preceding month. The number of business services providers expecting to recruit staff in the next three months was smaller than the number of business services providers anticipating layoffs. In August and September, it was the other way around.

Providers of business services were slightly more pessimistic in October about the economic climate than in September. The number of business services providers expecting prices to increase over the next three months equalled those expecting price drops.

Insufficient demand was considered to be an obstacle for production by 36 percent of the providers of business services in October. This percentage is higher than in July, when 30 percent indicated that demand was too low.

The mood in the sector temp job agencies deteriorated marginally in October. Temp job agencies were less happy about future turnover and employment than in September. Nevertheless, they were more optimistic than other providers of business services.

Turnover in the sector business services may be affected by seasonal variation. These effects have not been taken into account.

Expected turnover business services

Expected turnover business services