Inflation rate climbs to 2.6 percent

  • 24 consecutive months of rising inflation
  • Package holidays, petrol and natural gas prices have upward effect on inflation
  • Average rent increase 1.7 percent

July’s inflation rate was 2.6 percent versus 2.3 percent in June. The most recent inflation figures released by Statistics Netherlands show that the low level of inflation recorded in July 2009 has risen over the past two years.

Higher prices for package holidays abroad, petrol and natural gas had an upward effect on inflation, whereas potatoes and clothes had a downward effect.

The average rent increase in July was 1.7 percent. Legally, the rent increase for most homes in the rental housing sector is not allowed to exceed 1.3 percent. For a limited category of houses, the rent increase is considerably higher. As a result, the average rent increase tops 1.3 percent.

Inflation in the Netherlands, according to the European harmonised method (HICP), stood at 2.9 percent in July, as against 2.5 percent in the eurozone. For the first time since November 2009, the inflation rate in the Netherlands exceeds the eurozone rate.