Increase manufacturing prices slows down

Factory gate prices in the Dutch manufacturing industry were over 10 percent higher in May than twelve months previously. The price increase was less substantial than in March and April.

In May, prices of refined petroleum products were 24 percent higher than one year previously, while in April the increase was over 28 percent. In other branches the price increase was also less substantial than in April. Prices of chemical products were 18.5 percent up on one year previously, prices of food products 12 percent. Prices of basic metal products were up by 5 percent, i.e. less than half the price increase in April.

Compared with one month previously, prices dropped in May, after an uninterrupted period of price rises of nine months. Selling prices in manufacturing industry were almost 0.5 percent lower than in April. The average price reduction on the domestic market was almost the same as on the foreign market.

Factory gate prices

Factory gate prices

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