Quality of life in the residential environment

This article is based on the 2010 Safety Monitor (IVM), a survey conducted by Statistics Netherlands and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Kingdom Relations (BZK) and the Ministry of Justice. The survey has been conducted since 2008 among people aged 15 years and older in the last three months of each year. The so-called institutional population (people living in homes and institutions) are not included in the survey. The figures presented in this article are based on a sample survey and therefore subject to a margin of error.
The calculations are based on the following questions in the IVM:

Do you think the situation in your neighbourhood has become better or worse in the past year?
(possible answers: better, worse, the same, don’t know/no opinion).

You have been asked a number of questions regarding the neighbourhood you live in. Can you rate them on a scale ranging from 1 to 10? How would you rate:

  • Your residential environment
  • The quality of life in your neighbourhood
  • The safety level in your neighbourhood