Care-oriented education

This article, published to mark the International Day of Nursing, is based on only a small number of specific care courses. Within the sector health care and welfare, in senior secondary vocational education (mbo) only courses in nursing and care disciplines, and courses training for assistance in care and welfare are included. In higher professional education (hbo) only the bachelor programmes and associate degree programmes for nursing are included. An associate degree programme is a two-year course within the bachelor programme.

All university education is excluded, as are mbo courses for support staff (GP receptionists, dental nurses, pharmacist’s assistants), in the field of medical technology (e.g. opticians), and for all forms of social work. Hbo master’s nursing programmes and bachelor’s and associate degree programmes in the field of general health care, medicine, dentistry, medical diagnostics and treatment techniques, therapy and rehabilitation, pharmacy, youth welfare, and social work are also excluded.
All these mbo and hbo courses and programmes are also included in the sector health care and welfare. mbo has a total of 47 courses, hbo 76.