Prices of manufactured products almost 13 percent up

Factory gate prices in the Dutch manufacturing industry were almost 13 percent up in March on twelve months previously. The price increase was in the same order of magnitude as in February. The price level is above the peak of mid-2008.

The price increase is affected in part by fluctuations in oil prices. Prices of refined petroleum products were over 30 percent higher than one year previously. If these price developments are not taken into account, the factory gate prices were almost 10 percent up on March 2010.

Prices of chemical products were 23 percent higher than one year previously. At over 17 and 13 percent respectively, price increases for basic metal products and food products were also in double digits. In other branches, too, prices were up on March 2010.

Selling prices in the manufacturing industry were almost 2 percent higher in March than in February. Prices on the domestic market rose by more than prices on the foreign market. At more than 5 percent, the average price increase for refined petroleum products was much more substantial than that for products manufactured by other branches.

Factory gate prices

Factory gate prices

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