Substantial exports growth

The volume of exports of goods was more than 11 percent higher in December 2010 than twelve months previously. In November exports grew by nearly 9 percent. The volume of goods imports was nearly 8 percent higher. The growth rate was obviously lower than in October and November. Volume figures have been adjusted for the number of working days.

According to February’s Exports Radar, circumstances for Dutch exports were generally more favourable than in the preceding month. Four out of the six indicators improved, whereas two deteriorated somewhat relative to January. 

The value of  exports of goods totalled 33.3 billion euro, a quarter more than one year previously. The value of imports grew by 22 percent to 30.1 billion euro. The trade surplus amounted 3.2 billion euro, an increase of 1.2 billion euro relative to December 2009.

The value of imports and exports of raw materials and mineral fuels was distinctly higher than twelve months previously. Exports to non-EU countries grew faster than exports to EU countries. Imports show a similar pattern.

Partly as a result of higher oil prices, import and export prices rise further. Export prices were 9.3 percent higher than twelve months previously, import prices were 10.5 percent higher. As a result, terms of trade deteriorated relative to December 2009.

Throughout the entire year 2010, exports volume grew by nearly 12 percent compared to 2009, imports by nearly 13 percent. The article “Exports boost economy in 2010” focuses on the economic recovery in 2010 and on changes in the conditions for exports, household consumption and investments according to the economic radars published by Statistics Netherlands.

Goods exports (volume adjusted for working days)

Goods exports (volume adjusted for working days)

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