Producers and consumers anticipate higher prices

17/02/2011 15:00

In the last months of 2010, selling prices of manufactured goods and consumer prices were rising. If producers’ and consumers’ expectations prove to be true, prices will rise further in the months to come.

Price expectations manufacturers and selling prices manufacturing industry

Price expectations manufacturers and selling prices manufacturing industry

Price increases in sectors manufacturing industry and commercial services

In January 2011, manufacturers expecting prices to drop (3 percent) in the next three months were vastly outnumbered by those expecting prices to increase (27 percent). The number of producers anticipating price increases has not been so high since January 2008. In recent years, their expectations have been close to reality.

Manufacturers in the clothing and textile industry, the paper industry, the basic metal industry, the petroleum industry, the chemical industry and the food industry expect to sell their products at higher prices.

In the sector commercial services, the number of service providers anticipating price increases is also much higher than those expecting prices to fall, notably in the sectors transport and business services.

Inflation and price expectations consumers

Inflation and price expectations consumers
Consumers also anticipate higher prices

The number of consumers anticipating price increases in January was also higher than those who thought prices will be reduced. Two thirds think prices will rise in the coming twelve months and only 2 percent think prices will drop. The number of consumers expecting higher prices has steadily grown since mid-2009. Since then, the inflation rate has also gradually gone up.

Wouter Jonkers