Survey group: early school leavers returning to school

Groups of premature school leavers have been monitored in the course of time to determine which proportion returned to school to obtain their basic qualification after a period of non-attendance. Below is an instance of the composition of a group of premature school leavers.

The group of premature school leavers from 2004/’05 is comprised of pupils under the age of 23 who left school in 2004/’05 without a basic qualification and did not attend any form of education on 1 October of the following school year ((2005/’06). This group was monitored to find out whether they attended education on 1 October of the school years 2006/’07–2009/’10 or had otherwise obtained a basic qualification. The situation on 1 October 2006/’07 is presented in the figures shown in this article and in the StatLine tables referred to as 2 years later, the situation on 1 October 2007/’08 is referred to as 3 years later, etc. Early school leavers who reached the age of 23 or older during this period are included.