Common occupations

To compile figures for common occupations, a top ten occupations was composed on the basis of Statistics Netherlands’ standard classification of occupations (1992):
  1.   Shop assistant, market or street vendor (excluding newspaper and book stands, and meat stalls); lottery ticket seller.
  2.   Primary school teacher, general subjects. 
  3.   Administrative worker, intermediate level
  4.   Window cleaner, domestic cleaner, kitchen assistant, domestic worker, office cleaner.
  5.   Lorry driver.
  6.   Loader, unloader, warehouse or storage worker, removal worker.
  7.   Childcare and nursery manager; care worker for the elderly or mentally disabled (intermediate level).
  8.   Information or systems analyst, system developer/programmer; programmer (scientific applications; administrative, senior level) 
  9.   Assistant accountant, accountant, company cashier, wage administration worker (intermediate level).
10.   Retailer (excluding butchers, fishmongers, car sales, bicycle sales; small-scale businesses)

The changes in purchasing power are calculated for persons working in the same occupation in both years.