Selling prices in manufacturing industry up by 10 percent

Factory gate prices in the Dutch manufacturing industry were almost 10 percent higher in November than in November 2009. The price rise was up by 0.5 percent on October. Selling prices on the export market were up by over 11 percent, prices on the domestic market by over 7 percent.

Manufacturers in nearly all branches of manufacturing increased their prices compared with one year previously. Petroleum refining and the chemical industry showed the most substantial price increases, with 23 and 21 percent respectively. Basic metal products and food were also much more expensive than in November 2009. Companies in the basic metal industry charged 15 percent more for their products, those in the food industry 9 percent more.

Compared with October 2010, selling prices in the manufacturing industry rose by 0.7 percent on the domestic market and 1.4 percent on foreign markets.

Factory gate prices

Factory gate prices

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