Providers of business services less optimistic

In December, the number of business services providers anticipating turnover growth in the next three months outnumbered those anticipating a decrease by 14 percent, i.e. 15 points below the level in November. Optimism about future sales usually fades by the end of a year. This is also the case in 2010.

The number of business service providers expecting employment to decline marginally outnumbered those anticipating growth in December. In November, both groups were also more or less equal in size. Their opinions on the economic climate also hardly changed from November to December.

Temp job agencies remained very optimistic. They were very positive about their turnover over the next three months, future employment in their branch and prices. They are also very optimistic about the economic climate in the Netherlands. Architectural and engineering firms were most pessimistic in December. They were particularly negative about the economic climate and future employment in their branch.

Turnover in the sector business services may be affected by seasonal variation. These effects have not been taken into account.

Expected turnover business services

Expected turnover business services