Dutch economy grows by 1.9 percent in third quarter

The Dutch economy grew by 1.9 percent in the third quarter compared to the same period in 2009 versus 2.2 percent in the second quarter compared to last year’s second quarter.

If the working-day pattern and the effects of seasonal variation are taken into account, the gross domestic product (GDP) did not grow in the third quarter relative to the second quarter. Quarter-on-quarter growth had been positive in the four preceding quarters.

With 11.0 percent, exports grew rapidly, though at a slower rate than in the second quarter. The volume of household consumption was 0.6 percent up on one year previously. Government consumption increased by 1.8 percent. Total investment in fixed capital formation shrank by 3.6 percent, but the decline was less substantial than in previous quarters.

Producers of goods generated 2.7 percent more output than one year previously. Manufacturing industry performed particularly well, but output in the construction sector still remained far below the level of the same period last year.

Disposable for final expenditure and final expenditure (volume)

Disposable for final expenditure and final expenditure (volume)

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