Household consumption 1.5 percent up

In September 2010, household spending on goods and services was 1.5 percent up on September 2009. Household consumption growth was marginally higher than in August (1.4 percent). Consumption figures have been adjusted for price changes and differences in the shopping-day pattern.

Dutch households spent 2.9 percent more on goods and 0.4 percent more on services than in September last year. 

Households spent 5.6 percent more on durable consumer goods. This was largely due to a robust growth in consumer spending on household appliances, cars, clothes and computers. The increase is somewhat less substantial than in August.

A small part of household consumption growth can be attributed to higher gas consumption. Households consumed 30 percent more natural gas than one year previously, because temperatures were lower than in September 2009.

Household consumption of food, drinks and tobacco was more or less equal to one year previously.

Domestic household consumption (volume, adjusted for shopping-days)

Domestic household consumption (volume, adjusted for shopping-days)

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