Manufacturing turnover growth 11 percent

Manufacturers realised an 11 percent turnover increase in September 2010 compared to the same month in 2009. This growth is somewhat smaller than in August, when the value of their turnover was up 15 percent. In recent months, manufacturing turnover has still been well below the level of the same month in 2008.

Prices of manufactured products were nearly 9 percent higher than one year previously. September 2010 had the same working day pattern as in 2009.

Electrical engineering and machinery showed the highest turnover growth: 20 percent. Manufacturers in the sectors petroleum, chemical, rubber and plastic products (15 percent) and basic metals and metal products (16 percent) also realised far higher turnover levels. Turnover in the sector food, drinks and tobacco was 3 percent above the level of September 2009.

Turnover on the export market was 17 percent higher in September than one year previously. Turnover growth on the domestic market was less substantial (3 percent).

Manufacturing turnover

Manufacturing turnover