Business services providers optimistic about future turnover

26/10/2010 15:00

In October, the number of business services providers anticipating turnover growth in the next three months largely outnumbered those anticipating a decrease. Net positive answers stood at 34. Business services companies were optimistic about their future turnover for the second consecutive month. They were also positive about future employment in their branch and the economic climate in general. However, 40 percent of them indicate that a lack of demand is a constraint on their business activities.

Optimism about future turnover prevailed across almost all branches, only professional cleaners expected a decline in turnover. With a positive balance of 75, temp job agencies were by far the most optimistic. Their mood about the economic climate is buoyant.

Turnover in the sector business services may be affected by seasonal variation. These effects have not been taken into account.

Expected turnover business services

Expected turnover business services