Smaller decline private sector investments

In August 2010, the volume of corporate investments in tangible fixed assets was 1.5 percent down on August 2009. This decline is less substantial than in July, when private sector investments were 3.6 percent down on one year previously.

Private fixed capital formation in tangible assets

Private fixed capital formation in tangible assets

The decline in corporate investments occurred simultaneously with a low capacity utilisation rate. In July, manufacturers used 80.2 percent of their production capacity. The rate was marginally higher than in April, but still low. Over the period 1989–2008, the capacity utilisation rate continually varied between 80 and 87 percent.

In July, manufacturers evaluating their own production capacity as too small were still slightly outnumbered by those evaluating their capacity as too large, but the gap had narrowed relative to the previous quarter.

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