Household consumption marginally higher

22/09/2010 15:00

In July 2010, household spending on goods and services was up by 0.2 percent on July 2009. In June, households spent 1.5 percent more than one year previously. The consumption figures have been adjusted for price changes and differences in the shopping-day pattern.

With a 0.4 percent increase, household spending on services fully accounted for the marginal increase in July. Spending on goods decreased by 0.1 percent.

Consumption of food, drinks and tobacco was up by 1.6 percent on one year previously. Spending on durable consumer goods, on the other hand, decreased by 0.3 percent.This minor decrease was preceded by a 5 percent rise in June, the largest in over two years. The minor decrease was mainly due to less robust growth of consumer spending on electronics and cars. In addition to durable consumer goods, households also spent less in July on car fuels and energy.

Domestic household consumption (volume)

Domestic household consumption (volume)