New-style second stage

With the introduction of the new-style second stage in school year 2007/’08, the difference between major and minor subjects was abolished and changes were made to the subject clusters: As a result:

  • Nature and health can be chosen with basic mathematics and physics is no longer compulsory;
  • Because there are no longer major and minor subjects, pupils opting for physics, advanced mathematics and chemistry in fact choose subject cluster nature and technology;
  • Nature and technology plus biology results in the combined nature cluster.

Old-style second stage

Nature and health       Nature and technology

Adv. maths 1               Adv. maths 1,2

Physics  1                    Physics 1,2

Chemistry 1                  Chemistry 1,2

New-style second stage

Nature and health       Nature and technology

Basic or adv. maths     Adv. maths

Chemistry                     Chemistry

Biology                         Physics

optional subjects:       optional subjects:

Physics                        Biology

Geography                   Computer sciences

Life and technology     Life and technology

                                    Further adv. maths