Unemployment marginally lower

  • Unemployment reduced by 5 thousand in June
  • Considerable reduction male unemployment over the past months
  • Fewer job seekers in Limburg
  • Number of WW benefits drops further

In June this year, 441 thousand persons in the Netherlands were unemployed, i.e. 5.6 percent of the labour force versus 4.9 percent in June 2009. Adjusted for seasonal variation, unemployment was reduced marginally in June as the most recent figures released by Statistics Netherlands show. As announced earlier, Statistics Netherlands will publish unemployment figures on a monthly basis from 22 July onwards.

Figures published by the public unemployment agency (UWV) show that the number of job seekers as well as the number of unemployment (WW) benefits have dropped in June, but the number of people looking for jobs and the number of WW benefits are still higher than twelve months ago.

Unemployment further down

Adjusted for seasonal variation, unemployment was 5 thousand down in June on the previous month. Unemployment declined for the fourth month in a row. Men account for more than three quarters of the decline.
Since February 2010, unemployment has dropped by an average 5 thousand a month. In the preceding six months, unemployment still increased by an average of 9 thousand a month. In June 2010, the number of unemployed was 56 thousand higher than in the same month last year.

Unemployment down by 5 percent in Limburg relative to one year ago

The number of unemployed job seekers (nww) registered at the UWV was reduced by 8 thousand to 494 thousand in one month. Proportionally, the most substantial decline in unemployed job seekers was recorded in the transport sector, followed by lower-level technical jobs. The number of unemployed job seekers did not decline noticeably in the higher and scientific professions. In June 2010, unemployment was 17 thousand up on June 2009. In the province of Limburg, the number of job seekers was reduced by 2 thousand (-5 percent) in the span of one year.

Number of WW benefits reduced further

In June 2010, the number of WW benefits was reduced by 11 thousand to 289 thousand relative to May. Compared to twelve months ago, the number of new WW benefits dropped by over 22 thousand, whereas the number of terminated WW benefits grew by nearly 81 percent.