Sustained loss of jobs

  • 156 thousand jobs lost relative to one year previously
  • Loss of jobs compared to the preceding quarter also considerable

In the first quarter of this year, 156 thousand jobs of employees (2.0 percent) were lost compared to the first quarter of 2009. If seasonal effects are taken into account, 56 thousand jobs were lost relative to the fourth quarter of last year. According to the most recent figures released by Statistics Netherlands, the decline is much more substantial than in the previous quarter.

With 106 thousand jobs lost, the decline was most substantial in the sector business services. Temp agencies in particular were performing poorly. Employment also dropped in the sectors manufacturing industry, construction, trade, hotels and restaurants, transport and financial institutions. In health care and public administration, employment increased by 45 thousand and 18 thousand jobs respectively.

Adjusted for seasonal variation, the number of jobs shrank by 0.7 percent relative to the fourth quarter. For the fifth quarter in a row, employment decreased. The decline is more substantial than in the previous four quarters. Financial institutions and business services faced considerable loss of employment compared to the fourth quarter of 2009.

Figures on jobs and wages referring to the preceding three years were revised on the basis of improved and more accurate information. Marginal adjustments were made with respect to employment growth. The number of jobs lost in 2009 was 0.1 percent lower. The increase in wage costs was marginally lower in 2008 and marginally higher in 2009.

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