Sexual offences (2)

This article is based upon the Integrated Safety Monitor (IVM), a survey conducted by Statistics Netherlands and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the Ministry of Justice. The survey is held since 2008 in the last three months of each year among persons aged 15 years and older. Persons living in homes and institutions are not included in the survey. The percentages presented in this article are based on a sample survey and therefore subject to a margin of error.

The calculations in this article are based on the following question in the IVM:
People occasionally touch or grope another person with sexual intent in an offensive manner. Such incidents may happen anywhere: at someone’s home, in the workplace, on the street, etc. Has such an incident happened to you over the past 5 years?

Subsequently, survey participants are asked when they were sexually harassed for the last or second last time and how often these incidents occurred, the location, if they knew the perpetrator and, if so, who it was. In this article only offences which happened during the past 12 months are taken into account. In the IVM, the participants are also asked to provide information on the most recent offence and whether the incident was formally reported to the police.