Most industrial waste recycled

In 2008, 18.8 million tons of industrial waste were produced. Nearly 17 million tons (90 percent) were reused or incinerated to generate energy. The remaining 2 million tons were dumped in landfills or incinerated in waste incinerators or waste separation systems.

Reuse of industrial waste, 2008

Reuse of industrial waste, 2008

Over 40 percent of industrial waste is produced during the manufacturing process of food and tobacco products. It concerns mainly vegetable waste, which is the main ingredient for the fodder industry and is also used as a fertiliser in agriculture. Offal is also used in fodder production or as fuel.

In the basic metal industry and electricity generation, 99 percent of waste is recycled. It mainly concerns substances that can be used in the cement and plaster industry and in civil engineering, like cinders, bottom ash, fly ash and desulphurisation gypsum.

Rene Jolly