Retail turnover down by 5 percent in January

In January, Dutch retailers faced a 5 percent loss of turnover compared to January 2009. Retail prices were more then 1 percent higher than one year previously. Retail turnover is affected by the monthly number of shopping days and holidays. In January 2010, the pattern was less favourable than in January 2009. The negative impact on turnover is estimated at about 4 percent.

Turnover generated in the non-food sector dropped by more than 6 percent relative to January 2009. With a decline by 8 percent, DIY and clothes shops suffered most. Chemist shops and textiles markets realised a higher turnover than twelve months previously.

Turnover in the food sector fell by more than 5 percent. Supermarket sales were almost 5 percent down on the previous year and turnover in specialised food shops plummeted by 11 percent. Supermarkets were notably affected by the unfavourable shopping-day pattern. The negative impact approximated 5 percent.

Petrol stations achieved 4 percent more turnover in January than twelve months previously. This increase is mainly due to higher petrol prices. About one tenth of total retail turnover is generated by petrol stations.

Retail turnover

Retail turnover