Decrease in manufacturing output far less substantial

13/01/2010 15:00

The average daily output of Dutch manufacturing industry was 2 percent down in November 2009 on November 2008. The downturn is far less substantial than in October, when output was still 7 percent down on one year previously. Dutch manufacturing output was on average 13 percent down on twelve months previously in the first six months of 2009, but since then the decrease has been smaller each month.  This is also caused by the decline in output in the latter half of 2008.

Output was up 16 percent in petroleum, chemical, rubber and plastic products. In all other branches of manufacturing output was lower than in November 2008. The most dramatic reduction - 30 percent - occurred in the sector producing transport equipment. In the food, drinks and tobacco branch the decrease was a mere 2 percent.

Seasonally adjusted figures provide a more reliable picture of short-term production developments. Monthly figures not adjusted for seasonal effects are often somewhat erratic. Therefore, the two-monthly average compared with the previous two-monthly average is a more accurate indicator. After correction for seasonal variation and the number of working days, manufacturing output in the period October - November was fractionally up on the period August - September 2009.

Manufacturing output

Manufacturing output