Decline manufacturing turnover far less substantial

Manufacturing turnover was almost 3 percent lower in November than one year previously. The downturn was far less substantial than in October, when turnover was still 17 percent down on October 2008.

November 2009 had one extra working day compared to 2008. The positive effect on turnover is estimated at more than 2 percent. Prices of manufacturing products sold in November 2009 were 4 percent lower than in November 2008.  If the effects of the extra working day and price changes are eliminated, manufacturing turnover in November 2009 was virtually the same as in November 2008. In November 2008, manufacturing turnover indeed declined exceptionally by 14 percent.

The results within the sector manufacturing industry vary; some branches achieved better turnover results, some faced loss of turnover. With a 5 percent turnover increase, electro-technical and machinery products performed best. Petroleum, chemical, rubber and plastic products and food, drinks and tobacco realised a 1 percent higher turnover compared to twelve months ago. All other branches faced loss of turnover in November relative to 2008.

Compared with November 2008, turnover on the domestic and the foreign market was by 1 and 4 percent lower respectively. For almost two years now, developments in turnover have been more favourable on the domestic than on the foreign market.

Manufacturing turnover 

Manufacturing turnover