Manufacturing turnover climbing

Manufacturing turnover was 17 percent lower in October than one year previously. In September the decline was 21 percent. The decrease in turnover has been smaller than in the preceding month for five consecutive months.

Over half of October’s turnover decrease was the result of lower prices. Moreover, October 2009 had one working day fewer than October 2008. The negative effect of this is estimated at 2 percent.

Turnover decreased across the board in October. With a loss of over 32 percent, the transport equipment sector was hit hardest. The smallest turnover loss was recorded in the food, drinks and tobacco sector, around 7 percent.

Compared with October 2008, turnover on the domestic and the foreign market was by 14 and 20 percent lower respectively. For almost two years now, developments in turnover have been more favourable on the domestic than on the foreign market.

Manufacturing turnover

Manufacturing turnover