Considerable increase WW benefits continues in third quarter of 2009

05/11/2009 15:00

By the end of the third quarter of 2009, nearly 242 thousand regular unemployment (WW) benefits were granted, i.e. 21 thousand more than in the previous quarter. Additionally, 36 thousand part-time WW benefits were paid, an increase by 17 thousand in three months. In the third quarter of this year, the amounts involved were 1 billion euro (WW benefits) and 72 million euro (part-time WW benefits).

WW benefits and part-time WW benefits

WW benefits and part-time WW benefits

Spending on WW benefits up by nearly 400 million euro

In the third quarter of this year, 1 billion euro was spent on 242 thousand WW benefits, an increase by nearly 400 million euro relative to the same quarter one year previously. In the third quarter, 72 million euro was paid out under the part-time WW scheme. Since the introduction of the scheme, 86 million euro was paid out. Since July, stricter qualification criteria apply for the part-time WW scheme and the budget available was raised to 950 million euro.

Costs of WW schemes

Costs of WW schemes

36 thousand part-time WW benefits

By the end of September this year, 36 thousand employees were working on a part-time basis and received a part-time WW benefit. Altogether, 42 thousand employees were eligible for part-time WW benefits up to and including September and in 5 thousand cases the benefit was discontinued. The part-time WW scheme, which replaces the reduced working hours scheme (WTV), became effective on 1 April 2009. Both schemes were introduced to slow down unemployment growth.

WTV budget fully spent

Nearly 900 companies applied for the WTV scheme. Some 50 thousand employees temporarily out of work received WW benefits. Over the first six months of 2009, approximately 200 million euro was paid under the WTV scheme. 

Linda Peters and Harrie Hartman