Unemployment continues to rise

  • Unemployment up by 110 thousand within one year
  • Unemployment increase across the board

According to the latest figures released by Statistics Netherlands, an average of 394 thousand people were unemployed in the period July-September 2009, i.e. 5.0 percent of the labour force, as against 3.7 percent one year ago.

Unemployment corrected for seasonal variation was 398 thousand in the period July-September 2009, an increase by 10 thousand relative to the preceding three-monthly period. As the Labour Force Survey is a sample test, more accurate figures can be achieved by monitoring over a longer period of time. In the past six months, unemployment rose by an average of approximately 13 thousand a month.

Within one year, unemployment has risen by 110 thousand. The unemployment increase appeared to be unrelated to gender and was found among all age groups. With 11.5 percent, unemployment grew most among young people.

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