Retailers face turnover loss

Dutch retailers faced a 3 percent turnover loss in July relative to one year previously. Prices were 1.5 percent lower. Retail turnover is affected by the monthly number of shopping and holidays, which was more favourable in June 2009 than in June 2008. After an approximate correction for this effect, turnover was nearly 5 percent lower than one year previously.

Within the retail sector, turnover developments varied widely. Turnover of petrol stations slumped 13 percent in July. Plummeting fuel prices accounted for the decline.

Turnover of non-food shops was 5 percent lower than in July 2008. With a 15 percent drop, shops selling consumer electronics suffered the most substantial loss. DIY shops and furniture shops experienced respectively 6 and 8 percent downturn. Chemist shops, on the other hand, had a higher turnover than one year previously.

Sales in the food sector rose by nearly 3 percent. Turnover in specialized food shops was somewhat lower than one year previously; supermarkets accounted for the entire turnover increase in the food sector. Food prices were more than 1 percent higher.

The figures published in this update have been updated relative to the July retail figures released on 15 September 2009. The revision is based on more recent and detailed information.

Retail turnover

Retail turnover