Unemployment rate jumps to 5 percent

  • Unemployed labour force increases by 96 thousand in one year
  • Men account for two thirds of the increase

On average, 390 thousand persons were unemployed in the period June-August 2009, i.e. 5.0 percent of the labour force, as against 3.8 percent one year earlier. This is shown by the most recent unemployment figures released by Statistics Netherlands.

The seasonally adjusted unemployment figure for the period June-August 2009 stood at 386 thousand, 15 thousand up on the previous three-monthly period. Unemployment is measured using a sample survey and more reliable figures can be obtained by monitoring unemployment over a longer period. Over the past six months, unemployment has risen by an average of 12 thousand a month.

The number of unemployed has grown by 96 thousand relative to the same period one year previously. Men account for two thirds of the increase. As a result, the unemployment gender gap has narrowed. Currently, 5.4 percent of the female and 4.7 percent of the male labour force are unemployed. One year ago, the rates were 4.6 and 3.1 percent respectively.

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