Retail turnover slumps by nearly 4 percent

  • More than 3 percent turnover growth for supermarkets
  • Turnover decline in non-food sector

According to the latest figures compiled by Statistics Netherlands, retail turnover declined by 3.6 percent in July 2009 relative to the same month last year. Retail prices and turnover volume dropped by 1.5 and 2.1 percent respectively. The price drop was entirely attributable to lower fuel prices.

Turnover was affected positively by July’s shopping day pattern, which was more favourable than in July 2008. After correction for this effect, turnover was nearly 5 percent lower.

Supermarkets generated a turnover growth of over 3 percent. Turnover growth of supermarkets followed the pattern of the first six months, when a growth of nearly 3 percent was realised. Turnover of specialised shops was 0.5 percent down on last year. As a result, food, drinks and tobacco shops achieved a total turnover growth of nearly 3 percent.

The non-food sector faced a negative turnover growth in July, just like in the preceding 8 months. Turnover declined by more than 5 percent. In consumer electronics shops, turnover slumped by nearly 15 percent, the most dramatic loss in the entire retail sector. Home furnishing and DIY shops followed with a turnover loss of approximately 9 percent. Chemist’s shops generated a higher turnover than last year, clothes shops stablilised their turnover.