Re-integration activities increasingly important in sheltered employment

In 2007, the turnover generated in sheltered workshops totalled 1.3 billion euro. The bulk was realised in the sector maintenance of parks and public gardens. Turnover growth in the period 2003–2007 is largely attributable to an increase in re-integration activities.

Sharp increase in re-integration activities

Between 2003 and 2007, turnover in sheltered employment grew from 1.2 to 1.3 billion euro. Re-integration activities in particular grew substantially. Turnover of re-integration activities increased fourfold to over 100 million euro within half a decade. Municipal authorities made a serious effort to facilitate (re-)entry of unemployed to the labour market. Revenues from secondment activities also increased.

Companies providing sheltered employment also receive subsidies. In 2007, the total amount approximated 2.4 billion euro, nearly twice the turnover amount.

Turnover sheltered employment

Turnover sheltered employment

Maintenance of parks and public gardens most important activity

In 2007, the main part of turnover in sheltered employment was generated in maintenance, planting and nursing. Assembly and packing account for one fifth of total turnover. In recent years, services have become more and more important compared to manufacturing activities. 

100 thousand people occupy WSW jobs

In the Netherlands, more than 90 companies provide jobs in sheltered workshops to nearly 100 thousand people with mental or physical disabilities. In five years, the share has risen by 3 percent. Additionally, some 12 thousand people are working in counselling and management.

Jasper Roos